Current Projects / Missions

We are working day and night for the people of this universe with passion, love, care and kindness. The aim is to promote the development of high-quality and sanitation services, accessible to everyone.

Free legal Help Lines

Providing free legal help to Litigants

Educational Services

We are providing schecolarships and coatching classes to needy students.

Patients Welfare

Donations of bloods and medicines.

Services for Social Awareness

Conducting seminors and corner mettings regarding awareness about social problems and their solutions of and on.

Financial Aid

We are providing finacial aid to orhpans, widows and poor.

Future Projects / Missions

Protection of Historical Assets, Ancient Assets, Cultural Norms and Heritage

Our utmost plan is the protection and preservance of these assets

Welfare of Mentally and physicaly persons

Planning to established a care center for especially for the patience of micro skull syndrome and mangolism syndrome.

Estalishing of Old Care House

Estalishing care house for solitary old persons.

Establishing of Animals care center

Establishing care and breeding centers for -- and injuired animals.

Establishimg of Educational and trainging institutions

We will form institutions of technical and modern education and skills accompanied by extra oridinary and well equiped liboratories and research centers without any fee.

Gaeny and Pediatrics

Establishing "Shazada Puran Ali Maternity Hospital and Baby Care Center"


Source of Earnings

Charity of members
Goverment and semi governemebt aid